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About Us

About us….

The idea of Truffle Road was born out of the pleasure of traveling, of doing it without hurry, without a predetermined route, trying to get out of the conventional ways. In this time of "everything easy and fast" master craftsmen resist transmitting the traditions and customs of their regions through their work. Works, techniques, designs and unique materials, rooted in the land that can rarely be found beyond their geographical limits.

Truffle Road was born with the mission of opening a window to those artisans who fight their craft does not disappear and they want to continue working manually, slowly, with personality, but at the same time they want their products to reach homes in Canada, Sweden or Japan. Why not? They are handmade works, with the conviction of lasting in time and with the intention of taking a piece of the culture and traditions of their homeland wherever they go.

From Truffle Road we are always committed to the quality and authenticity of the products, we will always be in search of those unique craftsmen with so many things to offer and we will put all the care in every shipment that we made, hopefully, to any corner of the world.